Absolute American Collection - The Dutcher 1876 - Model # 2016011

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Absolute - adj., not diminished in any way, total.
synonyms: complete, total, out-and-
out, outright, unconditional,
ultimate, no holds bar…
It's 1876, a nation is growing with undaunted power and nationalism. Immigrants are flooding to the shores of the United States to partake and assimilate into the "grand experiment." The United States is moving towards exceptionalism and establishing itself as a world power. Westward expansion; industrial innovation and might; transportation and communication inventions lead to prosperity for all. A work force grinding it out 24/7 365 days a year!

Our "The Dutcher 1876" t-shirt represents this age of Nationalism and Sovereignty of the United States. Our art is emblematic of the people of this era, known as the "Gilded Age."- a hardy age of folks that built a great nation that we today reap the fruit of their labor and sacrifice(s).

God, Country, and the fortitude to defend this great nation… you are an "Absolute American"… just as our forefathers were.