"Honest Abe"

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Title: "Honest Abe"
A little back story on this piece…
Tony was commissioned by a private collector who wanted a Lincoln. The private collector viewed the original oil "The Dutcher 1876" at a recent show and was hooked on Tony's style. He requested Lincoln holding some type of Bible and firearm, but gave Tony artistic freedom as to which types.
Tony recounts: "For the flag I used the star layout from President Lincoln's 1864 Reelection campaign parade flag. President Lincoln is holding a heavy Bible (spin off from the Lincoln Bible, which is very small… we wanted the "weight" of our Bible felt in this piece symbolizing the burden of the times and one's Faith and resolve to survive a very turbulent time in this Nation's history). He is also gripping a Remington New Model Army 1863 ball and cap revolver. I vintaged out the flag to resemble the times and give the whole piece a warming glow and setting for our President."

Moreschi Illustration retained the copyright and merchandising rights to this piece so we can share this painting as our flagship "limited edition" print. Only 864 prints will be made and available for sale to the public. Each print is numbered and signed by Tony.