Para Bellum Collection - The Spartan - Molon Labe - Model #2016007

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Molon Labe! … or "Come Take Them!"

As the Spartan King Leonidas and his force of 300 Spartans faced Xerxes and the Persian hoard at the Hell's Gate he was given the option by Xerxes to lay down his arms and join the invasion. Leonidas stood his ground and told Xerxes to "come take them" refusing to capitulate to the invading force of Persians. Nowadays we are faced with the "lay down your arms" movement in the United States. A movement that wants to destroy the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution… not happening! Show your support for your right to bear arms and purchase the classiest and most unique Molon Labe art on the market today!

​Our T-shirts are 100% Pre Shrunk Cotton Tees and come screen printed with full/ large back prints to show off the art. Does this make the print heavy if it's larger? In fact, absolutely not! We use a water based ink discharged into the fabric as a base and then the art is printed with light plastisol making this a vibrant print and light in weight able to withstand the wash. We don't cut corners to show off Tony's art and provide a top notch product for our customers… everything is museum quality.

Color of shirt - Black
Heavy Weight 6 oz. Pre Shrunk Cotton