Tactical Insanity Collection - Liberty or Death - Model #2016002

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"Liberty or Death!"

One of the first pieces of art for our Tactical Insanity Collection, Tony created an ink drawing in the fashion of old school inking and tattoo style with a winged angel of war ready to fight for liberty. An off white and black ink screen print on an olive drab tee with a full back print. The front print is across the top chest collar region of the tee and has the latin numerals for 1776 coupled with another smaller ink drawing of a tactical insanity warrior brandishing pistols.

Our T-shirts are 100% Pre Shrunk Cotton Tees and come screen printed with full/ large back prints to show off the art. Does this make the print heavy if it's larger? In fact, absolutely not! We use a water based ink discharged into the fabric. This is a more complex and expensive printing process that results in a very light feeling print that will never crack or peel off. We don't cut corners to show off Tony's art and provide a top notch product for our customers… everything is museum quality!

Color of shirt - Olive Drab (O.D. Green)
Heavy Weight 6 oz. Pre Shrunk Cotton