"Go For Truth And Justice, Come Victory Or Come Defeat."

"Go for truth and justice, come victory or come defeat."

"We should know and have been taught that politics and everything else go wrong, while we prefer the expedient to the right. We must abandon all expedients which are short of what is right, avail ourselves of nothing but what is right, and go for truth and justice, come victory or come defeat.

We must especially be on our guard against constant appeal to the principle of selfishness- the ever-recurring temptation to prefer private interest to the public good, of which party leaders avail themselves.  An inordinate and insatiate thirst for office seems to have taken possession of this whole people (the selfish politician and civil servant)...

What else could have prostrated our Constitution? Thus it is, too that PARTY claims all the offices without regard to the public service (a deep state is borne and cultured amongst the ranks); and this is unblushingly avowed. A party has actually attained power by these means, and entrenched itself, as it were, impregnably, behind the principle- that 'to the victors belong the spoils.'  Such a spirit, when once awakened, is not readily satisfied- it grasps at every thing (and will do anything to hold on!). Power becomes stronger than right, the democracy of numbers is arrayed against the pretended aristocracy of wealth, the rich made odious to the poor, and the mechanic and laboring man man excited against his neighbor... This is but another variation of the war cry of the 'poor against the rich,' and belongs to the leveling system. It is all an attack upon the rights of property..."

Proceedings of the Whigs of Chester County - 1838 page 18

The Parallel to todays political and cultural climate is astonishing... then Anti-Federalism verse Federalism... now we have totally cliff dived into Constitutionalism verse a soft form of welcomed Communism... and the "State" is entrenched with rats.

You humbled and faithful assertor of Free Government

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Proceedings of the Whigs of Chester County - 1838-pg.18

Your humble and faithful assertor of the principles of free government...


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