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Featuring our "Pyratical Art and Apparel" with themes of pirate history and lore.  

The Black Squall Collection Moreschi Illustration

Why the name "BLACK SQUALL?"...  Because, not only is it DEFIANT in feeling, look, and sound, but it has actual meaning tied to "pyratical" history and nautical endeavor. 

"BLACK SQUALL" - Without warning, a spectacular and violent electrical storm caused by the differential between very warm air near the land and the onset of colder air off the sea occurring in the West Indies creating a squall that makes the waters very violent and dangerous.

Welcome to our Pirate Collection of art and apparel...

"... there is a superstitious horror connected with the name of Pirate; and there are few subjects that interest and excite the curiosity of mankind generally, more than the desperate exploits, foul doings, and diabolical career of these monsters in human form.  A piratical crew is generally formed of the desperados and runagates of every clime and nation.

Captain Morgan Death Takes No Bribes The Black Squall Collection Moreschi Illustration

The islands of the Indian Ocean, and the east and west coasts of Africa, as well as the West Indies, have been their haunts for centuries; and vessels navigating the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, are often captured by them, the passengers and crew murdered, the money and most valuable part of the cargo plundered, the vessel destroyed, thus obliterating all trace of their unhappy fate, and leaving friends and relatives to mourn their loss from the inclemencies of the elements, when they were butchered in cold blood by their fellow men, who by practically adopting the maxim that "dead men tell no tales," enable themselves to pursue their diabolical career with impunity.  

The pirate is truly fond of women and wine, and when not engaged in robbing, keeps maddened with intoxicating liquors, and passes his time in debauchery, singing old songs..."   - "The Pirates Own Book" Charles Ellms, 1837

We aim to create some authentic, powerful, historical, and humorous at times, "handcrafted pyratical art and apparel" that stands out from the flotilla of "clip art" flooding the market these days... 

SO ARSES TO ANCHOR! Shut yar bladder, grab some grog or a tankard of black strap and throw down some ducats on some cool pirate art and apparel!

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