The DEFIANCE 76 Brand

Our DEFIANCE 76 art and apparel brand was created by Artist Tony Moreschi of Moreschi Illustration.  Artwork inspired and created in defense of, and that embodies the historical and relevant meanings from this nation's struggle and intent to establish a moral standard so eloquently proposed by our founding fathers with our Declaration of Independence on 4 July 1776 - "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

 - excerpt from the United States Declaration of Independence, July 4th, 1776

We love our nation's history, and even more so, we love creating some cool looking art to tell it's story both in the form of art prints and apparel as a lifestyle brand for today's patriots. We will also honor our nation's history.  Not only will this site have some cool art and apparel to browse and purchase, we will also include bits and pieces of our Country's history, speeches and addresses from our founding fathers in our DEF76 BLOG.


We offer no political mantra or agenda of any modern political party or partisans.  In fact, one would, and should maybe think of our government in terms of "federalist", "anti-federalist"  and or "constitutionalist."  Down with anarchy and socialism/ marxism/ communism!   We strive to honor American History by using our iconic Defiance character and other historically specific artwork produced as prints, apparel, and merchandise in defense of it.  Everyone needs to come together as Americans, just as those brave souls before us did in defiance of statist despotic tyranny to establish this great nation.  We are all sons and daughters of liberty!


WHY the name DEFIANCE 76?  

Our mascot is named DEFIANCE!  He is the "Spirit of America!"  He wears a kerchief resembling a modern day version of our flag, which represents you and I today... the modern patriots... in the SPIRIT of our Founding Fathers and all those defiant rebels that sacrificed so much of their persons for their liberty and the liberty of the generations of Americans after them.  His eyes are glowing red representing the vigilance of every patriot today in their commitment to defend the Constitution and its principles of governance... this we'll defend!
Defiance 76 is artwork geared for Americans who love the Constitution, founding fathers, and the history of our great country.    Stand for something with a "sure Defiance!"
Some DEFIANCE tidbits:
King Georgie III called our founding fathers the "Defiant Rebels."
Our founding fathers consistently used the term "defiance" when referring to their actions in their cause for liberty.

"...we will, in DEFIANCE of every hazard, with un-abating firmness and perseverance employ for the preservation of our liberties, being with one mind resolved to die freemen rather than to live as slaves."

- Thomas Jefferson and John Dickinson, Declaration of the Cause and Necessity of Taking up Arms, July 6, 1775  

Take a minute to read about FORT DEFIANCE!...
Our General George took back the town of Boston and in April of 1776, Washington sent Brigadier General William Alexander (Lord Stirling) to Brooklyn to construct fortifications.  Not only was Manhattan a valuable target, it was HQ for our esteemed General and the Continental Army.  Thus, forts were built a mile and a half apart, along the heights of Brooklyn, looking out over the East River.  The westernmost fort would be in Red Hook... you guessed it... it was called FORT DEFIANCE!
Working day and night, Fort Defiance was built on the highest point of the promontory.  It was completed in days at the resolve of the patriots, towns folk, and slaves who armed it with one "three pounder" cannon and four "18 pound" cannons.  These cannons fired over breastworks of simple earthern works of raised ground and rocks to form firing platforms.  This earthen Fort consisted of 3 redoubts and interconnecting trenches.  Simple, crude, yet defiant in the face of the greatest Naval power on earth. 
While this little Fort, and the others, were being constructed, British General William Howe was amassing 32,000 troops and approximately 130 ships being commanded by his brother, Admiral Richard Howe, at Staten Island!  The game was afoot... They were going to end this silly rebellion once and for all!
Washington split his army, sending half to Brooklyn and the other half to Manhattan.  The Declaration of Independence was signed and presented to the United Colonies on July 4th, 1776.
A few days later, two British ships, The Phoenix and The Rose sailed from Staten Island up to the Hudson River.  The cannon from Fort Defiance opened fire for the first time on the enemy!  Cannons from Fort George and Governor's Island fired also...the region was hot!
In late August of 1776, the British launched their mighty attack on Brooklyn with the intent of wiping out pesky and Defiant Rebels.
General Howe and his soldiers advanced on Washington's troops holding ground near Gowanus and Battle Pass.  The Maryland 400 defiantley held their ground in Gowanus as the bulk of the rest of Washington's army retreated towards the Heights.
Admiral Richard Howe recognized that he might be able to trap Washington and end the rebellion here and now by sailing up the East River and pinning Washington between his navy and his brother's army.  He sent his man-o-war HMS Roebuck up the river...
Providence gleaned upon the defiant rebels this day, and strong head winds whipped down from the Heavens on the offensive ship as it approached Fort Defiance!  The Roebuck was dead in the waters.  It is said, it was so close to the Fort that the seamen from the ship could hear orders being barked out in the Fort, and the rebels could hear orders being barked out on the deck of the Roebuck.
Boom!  Boom!  Boom!  The defiant rebels were quick on their guns and fired into the stalled ship!  The Roebuck responded in kind.  Both sides kept pounding away at each other.  But the little earthen fort, this little mound of Fort Defiance -out gunned and out manned by the glorious and unbeatable British might -  won the day through providence and shear resolve, courage, and preparation by it's brave men!  
The Roebuck, receiving too much cannon damage, and unable to advance into the wind, retreated back to Staten Island.  And as a result, Admiral Howe gave up his idea to trap General George.  
And you know the rest... our boys were able to cross into New Jersey and live to fight another day!
Fort Defiance became a memory, but it's spirit lived on through the rest of the rebellion.
Defiance 76