FIRST CITIZEN Giclee Fine Art Prints

FIRST CITIZEN Giclee Fine Art Prints

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Original Oil Painting - Oil on Canvas, mounted to panel.  24" x 36" - SOLD.  Prints available below.

Limited Edition Print sets available as Giclee Art Prints printed with archival inks on thick fine art paper and canvas.  Limited Edition Print sets include a 24" x 36" image size set of 776 prints and a 20" x 30" image size set of 1776.  A CANVAS LIMTED EDITION set of 76 is also available in rolled format for shipped orders and mounted and stretched format for pick up at our shows (see calendar for show listings).  All limited edition prints are personally signed and numbered by artist Tony Moreschi.  Limited edition prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity which is also signed and numbered by the artist.

An Open Edition print is also available as a 12" x 18" image size Giclee art print.

Note: The Defiance 76 Label and Copyright watermark as seen on the display image IS NOT on the prints or original art.

This is the third oil painting in the Defiance 76 series, featuring "Defiance" as a minuteman, or First Citizen...

"And out from the suppressive acrid smoke pushed forward a rag tag, yet resolved First Citizen - a farmer, teacher, craftsman, watchman, banker, shop keeper, builder... a common citizen.  Finally pushed to the limit, a call to arms and "a sure defiance" is born in order to put up a defense for the preservation of natural law and the virtue of a society built on individual liberty sustained by religious principles."

Defiance 76 is a spirit born of our Fore Father's resolve, sacrifice, faith, and courage to establish an orderly society that champions the dignity of the Person; who, created in the image of God, is given certain inalienable rights such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of property with the ability and right to defend these rights by an means necessary.  And, any attempt to strip or suppress these rights will meet "a sure defiance!"