Indoor Flag

Indoor Flag

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New Flags added! 

- Dont Tread On Me - When ordering choose this size in the drop down menu- 39" x 48"

- Join, or Die

- The Jefferson- "I Prefer Dangerous Freedom Over Peaceful Slavery!"

- 100% polyester.

- Dye Sublimated direct to material printing, cut and sew indoor banner flags.

These flags can be used outside.  However, we caution not to keep these flags outside in the sun for a long period of time - these are made for the indoors.  These flags are rich in color and the ends/ edges and hanging grommets are sewn.  All our flags are dye sublimated and hand sewn in the State of Florida**.  The flag is a heavy weight material, not the cheap, silk styled, flimsy off shore type.  

All hanging grommets are sewn at the top corners of these indoor flags to hang from a wall, not a flag pole.

We have a new option to choose from- "Signed" or "Unsigned" - if you choose the "signed" version, Tony will personally sign the flag for you, and conversely, if you choose the option "Unsigned" we will ship the flag as is, not personally signed.

Note- Tony does NOT charge extra fees for a signed piece, we are grateful for your patronage.

**Our flags are printed and sewn locally here in Florida.  We understand our flags are more in price, but we are trying to support local "mom and pop" businesses here in Orlando, Florida.