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Oh Lord, you are the light of the world, my SANCTUARY...

Oil Painting 18" x 24" reproduced in giclee ink jet format on professional archival photo paper or archival canvas using the finest quality of archival inks available to match the original painting.


You may also PERSONALIZE YOUR OWN PRINT or ALUMINUM SIGN with custom text-

All our prints can be customized with any inspirational content, family names or persons... please contact us with your ideas.  

Purchase the "Custom Print" option in either canvas or paper, and then email us at with:

1. Order Number

2. Name

3. Contact number or email  in case we need to clarify your request

4. "Text, message, prayer verse, name, etc..." typed out (please check spelling) as you would like on the print.

5. Let us know the position of the TEXT as above image, below image, left side or right side of image.  Please advise the type of text you would like:

a. Medieval style font

b. Modern style font

c. Stenciled style font

d. Cursive style font

e. Colonial American style font

6. We will then mock up a jpeg of your print, send it to you for your approval in email format.  Once we get the print to your liking, we will send it to our Print Service for production.  Please allow up to 1-2 weeks for production of the print once it is approved.