The Butcher's Bill Blackbeard Tee

The Butcher's Bill Blackbeard Tee

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Black Squalls Defiance Collection Edward Teach Blackbeard Butchers Bill Tee

"They were a mighty fine gang of fighting men!  The Butcher's Bill has been paid in full!"

It was slang according to pyratical lore that the term for the littered wounded and dead on deck after a battle was coined "The Butcher's Bill."

We paired this slang with our drawing of the Mighty and feared Captain Edward Teach, otherwise more famously known as the infamous BLACKBEARD!  Lore has it that this foul mouthed, brazen, giant of a man set fire to slow burning fuses on his hat in battle and wore colored ribbons in his pigtails.  In charge of the forty-gun Queen Ann's Revenge he operated out of Ocracoke Island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  It is claimed that this devil of a man and his crews took 23 ships in 7 months, all in the West Indies, blockaded the port of Charleston, SC. resulting in a reward being put on his head. 

Sailing out of Virginia at the orders of the Governor, Lieutenant Robert Maynard