"The Optio" - Roman Imperial Gallic "G" (Weisenau) Portrait Print

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Tony's second "Empire" painting (in an upcoming collection of Roman military and inspirational art) featuring a portrait of a first line officer of a century... "The Optio."

An "Optio Legionis" was a position in the Roman army similar to that of an executive officer, acting as a deputy centurion.  He may also be promoted to Centurion from this rank.  Chosen by his Centurion, his main function was as an "optio canturiae" - that is, the second-in-command of a century who ensured his men trained and exercised, assisted in  keeping troops in order by enforcing the orders of the Centurion, taking over command in battle should this need arise, and help with administrative duties.

The Optio's helmet would have been crested down the middle and flanked on each side by feathers.  In this painting, the Optio is wearing an Imperial Gallic "G" helm, the Weisenau version.

The original painting is oil on canvas mounted to panel, 18" x 24."  This painting is available for sale, go to the Original Art page for info and purchase.

There are 2 versions of this painting in "print format."

The first version includes the Limited Edition print sets of canvas and paper giclees and is titled "Optio Gallic G" of which features the painting in the exact imagery as the original (no wording added).

Limited Edition Canvas Giclee Set of only (76) 18" x 24" each signed and numbered personally by the artist, comes with Certificate of Authenticity (COA).  These prints ship rolled.

Limited Edition Paper Giclee of only (150) 18" x 24" (paper size 19" x 25" which includes half inch white surrounding border for matting).  Each print is signed and numbered by the artist and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

Open Edition paper Giclee is also available in 12" x 16" and is signed by the artist - no COA. 

The second version is titled "EMPIRE"  and is an Open Edition print (no limited run) featuring an inspirational quote from Vegetius (Author of the great and famous treatise - De Re Militari)- "FOR IT IS NOT NUMBERS, BUT BRAVERY WHICH CARRIES THE DAY."  This print is signed by the artist and is offered as a paper giclee in the two sizes of 12" x 16" and 18" x 24."

All of our canvas prints are varnished for protection and to give that "original" art look and feel.  We use the best archival inks on premium artist photo paper and canvas.

Every canvas print is personally signed and numbered (if applicable) by Artist Tony Moreschi.  All limited edition prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) signed and numbered by Tony Moreschi.  We do not charge any extra fees for his signature of any items in our studio store or at shows.


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